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Cork Flooring

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Cork flooring benefits

Apart from looking great on the floor, cork has an impressive list of features and benefits that most people shopping for flooring aren't acquainted of. Here are some of facts that constitute cork flooring a great alternative when considering a new floor for your house or business.

Exquisite Appearance
No one can contradict that cork looks fantastic on the floor. There are a broad display of patterns and colors obtainable to suit any flavour or design.
Cork is so lasting! - Cork has been around for thousands of years. Just to name a few business installations, there is a cathedral in Chicago that had cork flooring in 1890 and is still in application today! The Library of Congress has cork flooring installed. Because of its cellular structure, cork is exceptionally durable and resilient. It is much less affected by collision or abrasion than tough covering floors such as wood, laminate or tile.

Acoustic, Resilient & Insulating
Once more also, owed to the cellular structure of cork, its acoustical properties are impressive. As a perfect illustration, cork is installed beneath countless other types of flooring (ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, etc.) as a sound block when those floors are installed on a second floor or higher. This would be characteristic in a condo instalment where the assembly is on the second level or higher.

It's all sealed up
Cork flooring contains Suberin. This is an built-in waxy element that makes the cork impenetrable to liquids and gasses. Because of this, it will not decay and is one of the best seals attainable. This is conspicuous when you consider that cork has been used to seal wine bottles for hundreds of years. Additionally, cork floats!

While those properties are without a doubt impressive, cork flooring additionally acts as brilliant insulation. If your residence is on the ground level, and you live in an neighbourhood that gets cold in the winter, cork flooring or cork underlayment will block that cold from reaching your feet.

Bounce back
The resilience or capacity to "bounce back" is as well second to none. In clear terms, when the cork floor is object to pressure, for instance a high heel shoe, the cells are compressed. When the pressure is released, the cork snaps back to its initial shape very quickly. This is a property fabricants of other floors and underlayments work very hard to duplicate.

Insect Resistant and Antimicrobial
Most ordinary insects as well as termites won't go near a cork floor. Because of its structure, cork acts as a natural barrier contra insects. Microbe colonies cannot exist in or on a cork floor so you can as well say the floor is microorganism resistant.

Cork flooring does not develop any particulate irritants nor does it contain any destructive chemicals, it's all normal. Also, cork does not ingest dust so it does not cause or add to allergies.

Cost vs Value
Cork floors are an excellent value versus other floors such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, marble etc. Depending on the design, pattern, color etc., cork flooring can run as little as fifty per cent the price of some other floors. With the added benefits and the ecological attitude, cork is an brilliant all around flooring choice.
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